lupo blu, LLC, has officially rebranded as lupo blu productions to reflect our transition from a boutique design group into a dedicated film production company. Learn a bit about our key values, why we do what we do, and who we’re looking to collaborate with.

We are curious filmmakers that inspire joy through films that make an impact by transporting audiences to a place of child-like wonder.

Our core values are:

We love what we do because we get to meet and learn from inspiring clients, and we’re always learning the newest tools and techniques to tell amazing stories.

We believe that filmmaking can be a kind of magic, conjuring that childhood wonder to create a deep connection with viewers.

By inspiring joy and awe in our audiences, great films can build empathy, strengthen connection, and lead to real growth in our world.

We believe that great films don’t just speak to the brain but connect to the imaginations of their viewers to inspire new ideas and dreams.

We believe that inspiring joy and beauty in the world builds powerful connections and ignites prosperity.

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