Produced for College & Community Fellowship, this short film was produced to celebrate the first day of early voting in NYC history and advocate for greater access to voting and voter information for the 70 million formerly incarcerated Americans. 64 million formerly incarcerated Americans are eligible to vote but are unaware or lack the support and infrastructure to exercise their most fundamental right.

“If you think you are ineligible to vote, you should know that you likely do have the right. The only instances in which you can NOT vote are when you are incarcerated after being adjudicated for a felony or are out on parole for a felony (to which there are exceptions). If you are no Federal or NYS probation and a resident in NYC you have the right to vote, as well if you are under no community supervision. If you are on parole you may have received a conditional pardon under Executive Order 181. To check click on the parolee look-up to see if it is marked “active.” Additionally if you receive a Certificate of Relief from Disabilities or Certificate of Good Conduct you may vote.”

Justice Votes website